Advisory Board Spotlight: Jamel Poinsette

White Plains, N.Y.- “In my opinion, outside of family and religion there are three keys to life: to learn, earn and return.” Jamel Poinsette, a White Plains, New York native, decided to join the Life Thru Hoops organization due to his love for the game and his willingness to serve his community. As an Advisory Board Member, Poinsette is responsible for brand awareness, organizational planning and upholding the mission and vision of the organization. He attended White Plains High School and is a graduate of Monroe College.

“I found Life Thru Hoops to be the perfect opportunity to pay forward some of the knowledge and resources I’ve attained at this point in my life” said Poinsette. “Growing up, I was fortunate enough to play AAU Basketball in my teenage years. I always appreciated the opportunity to travel to different cities while doing something that I loved. I also played in various summer leagues and other recreational leagues in my area.”

Poinsette understands how basketball is more than just a game. The sport helped him overcome many challenges and obstacles he faced. “Basketball was something I heavily relied on as means of escape from my environment and certain negative things surrounding it. I used basketball as a way to vent, as well as validate my existence.”

In his role at Life Thru Hoops, Jamel looks forward to helping the program excel and grow in size and esteem each year. He also wants the community to understand that the organization is more than just a club program. “I always stress the fact that donating to ‘Life Thru Hoops’ is much more than ‘funding a basketball team’. We are funding the future of children who need it the most. Some of our immediate needs include gym/community center repairs, meals, academic tutors and funds for travel”. But Poinsette’s vision doesn’t stop there. “Long term, I would love for the program to be recognized for having a high college graduation rate and looked at as a factory for producing well adjusted, productive members of our society. I believe the success and longevity of my professional career will be contingent on achieving this goal.”

While Life Thru Hoops is in its introductory year, it is clear that Poinsette’s selflessness and willingness to give back to his community is nothing new. Awards he won as a youth were early indicators of the mission he would fulfil as an adult. “Every award I’ve ever won playing basketball means a lot to me. Accolades such as MVP awards, sportsmanship medals and championship trophies were some of my first achievements as an adolescent, outside of my schoolwork. My sportsmanship award means the most to me because it signifies that even as a young man I always seen the bigger picture in the fact that no matter how engulfed in competition we may be, we have to put each other first.”

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