2018-2019 Winter Lessons Recap

White Plains, NY-  In January 2019, Life Thru Hoops successfully completed its inaugural Winter Lessons Program. Various coaches and trainers managed seven sessions, each of which saw an average of 50 participants each week. We recently connect with the programs’ founder, Dave Boykin, to hear a few thoughts following weeks of hard work.

What skills did Life Thru Hoops teach during the Winter Lesson Program?

Dave Boykin (DB): This winter session, we went over true fundamentals over the game. We introduced the triple threat position, taught a variety of cuts to get open, worked on ball handing, passing, defensive footwork and the importance of team work!

As a program, what were the most rewarding moments, hosting this first-time clinic?

DB: One of the most rewarding moments was seeing how much each player improved in the 6 weeks.  The kids were able to retain the information that was taught in previous lessons, and translate those skills into game situations later in the clinic.  Another gratifying moment was the positive feedback through the sessions from parents. They were all very happy and satisfied with what I was teaching their children. Our parents were just as engaged as the players.

You recently shared that you’re planning to host spring lessons. What will be your focus?

DB: The spring lessons will be a carry-over from the winter session.  I plan on inviting everyone who participated in the winter, and adding more participants.  The winter clinic only featured children from three of five of our White Plains Elementary Schools.  In the Spring session, I plan to have participation from all of the elementary schools in White Plains, and opening it to neighboring communities.  I would also like to incorporate the middle school grades.

For more information about the spring lessons or to sign up today, click here or email Dave Boykin directly at daveboykin5@gmail.com.

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