Director Spotlight: Joe Adzima

White Plains, N.Y.- Many athletic organizations hope to recruit driven individuals that have a passion for athletics and the willingness to give back to the next generation. For Joe Adzima, serving as the Program Director at Life Thru Hoops was the perfect opportunity to combine his passion for basketball and his desire to help others. The Westchesterl, NY native attended New Rochelle High School and later went on to study at Seton Hall University.

“When I heard the programs mission and goals, it aligned with my vision which is to inspire the youth by using basketball as an experience they can grow from on and off the court” said Adzima. “Thanks to Life Thru Hoops and the sport of basketball, I have the opportunity to connect and network with people from all walks of life and share experiences that will develop into lifelong friendships.”

Adzima was introduced to the sport at an early age. Through participation in recreation leagues, camps and various programs, he quickly saw how participation in sports could lay the groundwork to a successful education, a foundation for excellence in the workplace, and most of all, achieving victories in life. “Growing up I played a lot of recreational basketball. I was first introduced to the game when I was about eleven years old. I played my first organized games in a league called the Dad’s Club based in Hartsdale, New York and was I regularly attended MVP Camp in White Plains, New York. Basketball was a key tool in understanding how teamwork plays a role on and off the court, and in any work environment. It also taught me that in any game there is highs and lows, the key is to navigate through them without ever losing hope.”

In his role at Life Thru Hoops, Adzima is responsible for key business operation initiatives. Although the organization is in its introductory year, Adzima is already hopeful for the future. “My hope is the program will expand to reach children of all ages and basketball becomes a sport they can learn from. Furthermore, I want the program to reach kids all year round so they stay active, develop skills on the court, learn discipline and have fun.”

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