Life Thru Hoops Announces 501(c)(3) Status

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.- Life Thru Hoops has announced that it has become a 501(c)(3) organization. As such, the program now offers donors and community supporters’ tax deductions when they make charitable gifts to the organization. The organization has also partnered with Prime Produce, a cooperative supports entrepreneurs’ educators, and artists who share values of service and hospitality. Life Thru Hoops, founded by Dave Boykin, (link to bio) provides unique after-school programs that focus on raising great student-athletes. The organization provides individual and group basketball lessons, tutoring, travel opportunities, summer leagues, and mentorship programs.

“I decided to launch Life Thru Hoops because my community didn’t offer a place where children could be academically tutored and learn the fundamentals of basketball from qualified professionals,” said Boykin. “This type of service is extremely expensive, which automatically disqualifies less fortunate families from affording this opportunity.”

Founded in 2017, Life Thru Hoops has set its sights high this year. The program is currently planning for and organizing lessons for elementary school students, intramural tournaments and a league for middle school students. In the spring of 2019, the group will launch its second annual AAU season and an introductory league for adults. Academically, Life Thru Hoops plans to communicate with school teachers on a weekly basis to insure student-athletes are excelling in the classroom. Additionally, Boykin and his team will schedule academic tutors on-site daily, along with SAT prep sessions at their workout sites.

In September 2018, Life Thru Hoops launched its first annual fund campaign, with a goal of raising $40,000 by August 2019. All funds raised will help support the organization’s most pressing needs, which will help cover the cost of gym rentals, academic tutors, equipment, travel and other necessitates. For more information about Life Thru Hoops, click here. To support the organization, click here. (<- will set up page)


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