Parent Spotlight: The Bonanno Family

White Plains, NY- Analisa Bonanno decided to enroll her son, Dominic, in the Life Thru Hoops program after she read about the organization in a flyer at George Washington Elementary School in White Plains, NY. Life Thru Hoops is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by Dave Boykin. The program recently launched its first winter lesson sessions for elementary school children in White Plains and the surrounding cities. Analisa’s son, a second grader, has embraced the program. He has improved athletically, and with his enhanced level of confidence he refuses to settle for average, and instead reaches for the stars.

“Dominic brags about Dave with his classmates and loves to tell them ‘my coach played professional basketball overseas!’ says Analisa. “He has enjoyed the winter lessons so much that I told him we can buy tickets to catch Lebron James play the New York Knicks or the Brooklyn Nets. I really hope that more parents will sign their children up for future lessons because they are the best. The coaches are nurturing, thoughtful and they are really kind to all of the children no matter their skill level. They leave each session learning something new and look forward to the next session.”

As a busy parent, Analisa knows firsthand the joys and rigors that come with juggling a job and children’s’ activities. “Dominic loves soccer and basketball, and I work in a corporate job, full time in the city. I’m really happy that these programs start and end at a reasonable hour, which gives me time to tackle other tasks on the weekends.”  

Although Dominic is young he is already thinking big, according to Analisa. “Working with Dave and his program has inspired Dominic. Dominic hopes to have a career in sports and music when he grows up. This program has influenced him to practice often, watch professionals on TV, and dream big.”  

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