Parent Spotlight: The Smith Family

White Plains, NY- A few months ago, the Smiths sought out to find a program where their son could learn basketball basics and have fun. After enrolling their son, a second grader at George Washington Elementary School, in the Life Thru Hoops winter lessons program, Cary Smith was pleasantly surprised to see how each session played out. He and his family recently purchased a new home in White Plains, New York, and the fellow coach was impressed with all that Dave Boykin and the organization offered.

“This program has been amazing and I really look forward to seeing what Dave and Life Thru Hoops will do in the coming months. From one coach to another, I was amazed with how great his demeanor is with this group of children, how he works with them to understand new skills and how to follow instructions. I can’t wait to see how the program develops in the off season.”

Smith knows firsthand how important it is for children to receive experienced coaching and training at a young age. A former standout athlete at New Rochelle High School, Smith competed in soccer, track and wrestling. He went on to play in college, and still plays recreationally. Now he and his wife Nadia enjoy watching their three children excel on and off the court. His eldest daughter plays high school volleyball and his youngest daughter enjoys gymnastics.

While the Smith family may be excelling athletically, they also understand the importance of education. Cary’s mother and father are retired educators in the White Plains School District, and Nadia is an elementary school reading teacher and a stickler for academics. Creating a stellar student-athlete takes a lot of work, so while the Smiths focus on academics and athletics at home, they also know partnering with Life Thru Hoops will be a great complement to their son’s development as a basketball player. “Dave’s philosophy is great. He demands attention during his workouts, is great with kids and through his demeanor and stature is able to truly connect with the group. He is able to link the fundamentals to complex drills, skill development, and creates a basketball curriculum that provides a fun outlet for each child.”

When asked what he hopes for his children as they grow, Smith joked “I hope they will be better athletes than me!” After speaking with Smith, however, it is clear that he and his wife look forward to watching their children excel in whatever paths they choose. As long as they work hard, excel academically and pursue their passions, then they will consider it a win.

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